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Posted July 8, 2015

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

 These are busy and exciting times for PFOA. We have started a new ABC contract extension, AAP has added to their offerings and there are plenty more opportunities. We have annual meetings coming up at both the Cardinal RBC and ABC’s Thoughtspot.


Our ABC deal was completed and put into effect May 1. By far this is our best overall deal with ABC. We have been working with ABC to first appropriately implement the program with existing members and identifying opportunities for growth in this program. AAP introduced an additional compliance offering this month allowing some of our members the opportunity of improving their Cardinal purchase position. We are reviewing the program and will bring it to the membership where appropriate.


We were offered some private training from Medispan exposing some of our members to the program and allowing us to improve how we use this program to help our membership.


I traveled to Southern California to work with Mark Holden. This allowed me an opportunity to meet with a number of our members and business partners.


Ronda Hubbard and Nancy Tataronis attended ECRM’s pharmacy technology meeting in Tampa. They met with a lot of vendors, reviewing a number of services and technology solutions over a three day period. They will be reviewing and taking the best of what they saw to our vendor committee for review.

Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Posted June 24, 2015

As of July 1, 2015, per the requirements of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), pharmacies and dispensers will be required to accept and maintain Transaction Information, Transaction History and Transaction Statement (TI, TH, TS) data for all Rx product passing through the supply chain, and will be required to obtain and hold the data for a six-year period.


AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation will leverage ABC PassPort to pass the transactional data to Drug Corporation pharmacy and dispenser customers. Customers ordering ASD products through ABC PassPort will also utilize ABC PassPort to pull the data.


DSCSA ABC PassPort Training Sessions

To prepare you to pull the transactional data from ABC PassPort starting on July 1, the following ABC PassPort training sessions will be offered daily June 1 through July 10.




Phone Number

Audio Participant Code

WebEx Link

Mon., Wed. and Thurs.

3-4 pm EDT




Tues. and Fri.

11 am-12 noon (EDT)





We encourage you and your staff to join one of the training webinars. Customer CARE and User Services are also ready to support you through this change starting July 1.

AmerisourceBergen Announcement

Posted May 18, 2015

PFOA is pleased to announce the extension of our relationship with AmerisourceBergen Corporation for our participating members. Our authorized vendor agreement further enhances pricing services and other benefits for the participating membership. For those utilizing the program, we will contact you shortly to discuss how the new agreement will impact your location. For those of our members that are not utilizing the program, we would be happy to discuss the potential benefits with you. Please feel free to contact the PFOA office so we can set up a time to discuss this. Our new agreement has already attracted new membership to the organization.


AmerisourceBergen Corporation represents PFOA’s longest vendor relationship. We are pleased we can come to an agreement that benefits our members and provides both organizations an opportunity to grow together.

Anda Announces Astra Zeneca Addition

Posted May 8, 2015

Astra Zeneca has approved Anda to be a full line wholesaler of their branded pharmaceutical products.  Product should be available within two weeks. Some of the products that will be available are Crestor, Symbicort, Farxiga, Byduren, Brilinta as well as many others.

PBMs Stormed the Hill—Let's Beat Them at Their Own Game

Last week, PBM executives and health care and drug industry players met in Washington, where they provided policymakers and Capitol Hill staff their perspective on their benefits. Let's beat them at their own game and tell our elected officials on the Hill our perspective.


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