Effective 1/1/2010, H.R. 6331

Effective 1/1/2010, H.R. 6331 (the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008) requires prompt payment of all “clean” electronic Medicare Part D claims within 14 days.



It is important to note that the law states that “a PDP sponsor shall pay all clean claims submitted electronically by electronic transfer of funds if the pharmacy so requests or has so requested previously”.



If you have not contacted your PDP plans and requested that they pay you electronically on Medicare Part D claims, you should not anticipate that they will contact you and change your current method of payment.




I would encourage you to sign up as soon as possible in order to implement this program by 1/1/2010. Contact your insurers directly, or contact your third-party contracting agency for more information.