Dave's Corner

Posted Aug. 19, 2014

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

In July, Cardinal held their Retail Business Conference in Washington DC., AmerisourceBergen held their Thoughtspot in Las Vegas, and McKesson held their Ideashare in Orlando. Many of our members attended these shows. It was good to see many of our members as I personally attended the Cardinal and ABC meetings. PFOA events were held at both of these meetings for our members. Representation from PFOA’s Staff attended the Cardinal and ABC meetings. All were packed with good information. Our staff has already been analyzing the events attended and are putting together plans for next year based on observations.


Our PBM, ChoiceRx Solutions had a board meeting in July at the Las Vegas site of the ABC meeting. Don Schreiber, Larry McIntosh and I attended this meeting as board members. We took a hard look at what we are doing and accomplishing. More involvement and marketing will be needed to bring the program along and we will be working on bringing solutions to these areas.


Ann Benyo began work with us as our Northeast Sales Consultant on June 30th and trained for a considerable part of the month of July. Ann has been out in her territory beginning her introductions to members and creating leads for new membership. She has already proven to be a valuable addition to the staff. Nancy Tataronis is settling in as a consultant to help us with our vendor relations along with her other areas. Jamie Wilbanks continues to call all our members and talk about PUNCH and signing up for rebates via EFT. While July marks the first successful rebates sent via EFT we now have 16 member stores signed up and will be issuing their rebates via EFT.


The vendor committee had their first phone conference meeting since the departure of Pete Cerula and is set to meet again before month’s end. Look for an announcement shortly concerning AAP. I have a meeting scheduled with ABC on the August 26th.  We will be getting a market update as well as working mutual areas of interest.


In Friday’s August 15, 2014 installment of Drug Channels Adam Fein focuses on Generic Drug price increases. The blog references other articles that do detail the issue, While there is a lot of bloggers referencing other blogs it makes the case that all of you are already aware of. Generics have taken a turn in pricing upwards where historically this has been a downward trend. For those that want the link to the article, feel free to go to www.drugchannels.net.