Dave's Corner

Posted Sept. 18, 2014

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

As we wind up the third quarter of 2014, PFOA continues to have a busy year. Following ABC’s ThoughtSpot in August, I headed to St. Louis to participate in a meeting with Don Schreiber and Larry McIntosh covering some PBM opportunities. While in St Louis I also met with an insurance group to potentially develop program offerings for our members.


The vendor committee met twice this month to cover some vendor opportunities. We will post information about these newly approved vendors as it becomes available.


Legislation on behalf of franchisees in California has been very actively moving forward. The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) has provided our members in California material and appropriate direction to stay involved.


We held a board phone conference and Webcast covering a large number of subjects. Financial Highlights show we are essentially bottom line on target for our members while delivering more rebate dollars and benefits than budgeted.



Our staff continues to add members our EFT rebate program getting money into members’ hands quicker. We currently have over 45 members enrolled in the program.


AAP announced a contract extension till 2017 with Cardinal Health bringing improvements to their contract sooner than their original contract expiration. This affects approximately 190 of our members providing them an improved purchasing position. October will bring additional changes to AAP’s API warehouse program. We will be making our members aware of the opportunities this will bring for them.


We have equipped our staff with updated computer systems and switched to a new more robust email platform. It will allow us to better message, store data and put more cloud based information in the hands of staff, board and members. Our staff has been working with several existing members on participation in our programs as well as some new member targets.


I will be back in St. Louis at the end of the month and then traveling to Chicago to participate in a Choice Rx Solutions Board Meeting at the top of October. October will also include our participation at NCPA’s annual meeting in Austin Texas.


September 13th marked the completion of my fourth year with PFOA. It has been gratifying to step back and take count of progress the group has made during those four years. At the same time it should be noted that the dynamics of the healthcare industry shall demand this organization continue to find ways to help our members. The Cardinal AAP contract extension and changes in the API warehouse program can continue to help our participating members. We will be talking with all associated vendors and business partners to bring additional improvements as well as bringing new programs to the fold. PFOA has proven its capability to take the leadership role on issues affecting our membership where members need that leadership. We have also been smart in terms of helping members make appropriate decisions for their business success by choosing to align with business partners in other areas that allow leveraging and pooling of resources depending on the member’s needs. We remain flexible enough to make changes as needed. We continue to listen to the members and the industry so we can adjust what we do to bring value to the members. Every day I speak with staff, board, members and industry leaders hearing the new challenges of the day. I am reading blogs, articles and message boards to see what affects our members. I look forward to continuing to serve in finding the appropriate solutions for the membership. Thank you for your continued support.


Yours Truly,


David Mayper