Dave’s Corner

Posted Oct. 22, 2014

David Mayper Executive Director PFOAWelcome to the last quarter of 2014. We are committed to using the time to finish this year on a high note and begin planning for a successful 2015. September brought a swing through New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as I worked with Ann Benyo in her territory. I had the opportunity to meet with a good number of existing members and potential members in the area. I received great feedback from our members. I traveled to St Louis at the end of the month allowing me to set up some meetings with key vendors, some of our staff, Rod McCann our PBM consultant and board members. It also gave me an opportunity to discuss a Health insurance opportunity some of our members may consider.


On October 1, Don Schreiber, Larry McIntosh and I traveled to Chicago to participate in our PBM’s board meeting where we listened to opportunities being pursued. Management laid out for us the beginnings of Choice Rx Solutions business plan for 2015. An additional nvestment has been voted on and approved for each of the participating principals. Choice RX Solutions personnel reported on their participation in the SIA annual meeting where they received strong exposure and some good leads. They also announced that they signed a group of 700 lives for prescription services beginning Jan 1, 2015. Radio and video spots have been developed and are running. They will  be made available to members and staff for appropriate use.


Our next board conference and webcast has been scheduled for October 29. Some agenda topics will include business planning and budget for 2015, PBM update, Annual meeting planning, and winter board meeting discussion.


As I prepare for the NCPA annual meeting in Austin, I realize there are a lot of industry issues to be addressed: MAC issues, generic price increases, star ratings, loss of access to preferred networks, specialty drug access and much more. Richard Macaluso and I will be at the NCPA looking for solutions. With problems and issues come solutions and opportunities. We look forward to seeing some of our members and business partners there.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours Truly


David Mayper