Dave's Corner

Posted Nov. 30, 2014

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

Greetings PFOA Members:


November brought trips for me to California and to North Carolina. The rest of the month I focused on administrative and strategic projects. PFOA continues to make progress on many fronts.


We participated in NCPA’s annual meeting in October and have been following up on new vendors and other opportunities.


We held at the end of the month a board member webcast and phone conference. We have committed to a board meeting and staff meeting in January as well as to scheduling our annual member meetings in Las Vegas surrounding the vendor meetings of ABC and Cardinal Health. The board approved a draft outline for a business plan for 2015. We also had a lengthy discussion on concerns over product price increases. This led to a special board meeting the following week exploring options on what PFOA will do to improve information for its membership.


We are in the midst of discussion with ABC about our present contract terms and will additionally review available market options to keep our members market competitive.


I have been working to bring additional productivity on our PBM efforts. In October I met with Rod McCann and Howard Danzig to look at bringing a strategy for our members to utilize a self-insurance product which they can use in their own organization as well as promote to local businesses. The staff has taken a presentation on this and we will develop a method of educating our members. I have also met with Rod and spoken with Dino Dibella on areas of focus in terms of Rod’s efforts. We will continue to incrementally improve efforts in this area.


During my California trip, I attended the San Gabriel Pharmacy Association Annual meeting. There were over 340 meeting participants and 80 independent pharmacies were represented. Local industry leaders, a number of our business partners and a congresswoman who the group had supported as the keynote speaker were in attendance. As master of ceremonies, Victor Law discussed the history of this event and it struck me as to how far they had come. Their first annual meeting included 3 people. Just a couple years ago they had 150 participants. Through membership teamwork, they arrived at their present number of participants. The group has extensive involvement with local pharmacy students. The new board sworn in was a combination of veteran and young pharmacists. It was exciting to look at the mix. While we are not in a similar place in terms of make-up, geography etc., there are some take away points we should strive for. Wider member involvement, more team work and sharing of ideas as well as stronger development of esprit de corps are ideas that PFOA should endeavor to bring to our group.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your executive director.

David Mayper