From NCPA – Congress Needs to Hear From Seniors (edited)

Posted Jan. 28, 2015

In a recent letter, Douglas Hoey, CEO of NCPA made relevant observations and suggestions regarding coverage for seniors.


“What's to say that this year's still unsettled Aetna/Coventry Part D snafu won't be repeated in the 2016 plan year? What assurances should patients have that the Medicare Plan Finder, the government's plan cost and pharmacy access comparison tool, contains accurate information? Should patients—and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services—just assume that plan sponsors or PBMs aren't knowingly trying to rig the system?


Congress created Medicare Part D a decade ago, and now is a good time for it to ask some specific questions and examine if this public-private partnership is operating at maximum efficiency or if it could do even more for seniors. It's at the micro level where the impact is felt from situations like the one involving Aetna.



Earlier this week I asked the relevant congressional committees to schedule hearings to carefully investigate the alarming problems seniors have dealt with in the 2015 plan year—some 50,000 affected to some extent—and ensure that nothing like them happen again. The problems recall patient access issues experienced by other Medicare beneficiaries and help further illustrate the need for an effective “any willing pharmacy” policy.


However, Congress needs to hear directly from seniors. As such, NCPA has developed resources available to you to help you engage your patients and encourage their immediate action. These include a bag stuffer as well as a patient letter that can either be printed and mailed or emailed directly to their congressional offices to make their concerns known. To access these helpful tools, visit the NCPA website.”