Dave's Corner

Posted March 23, 2015

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

February was a busy month for PFOA.  We had strong membership and affiliate growth.  As of the last release of a master list the stores listed now total 459.  Much thanks to all the hard work from our staff and vendor partners. 


Nancy Tataronis, Richard Macaluso and I participated in parts of the Pharmacy Development Services annual meeting.  The meeting provided an educational platform, vendor interaction and a very good opportunity for networking.   A good number of our members and business partners were in attendance.  PFOA hosted a dinner including 31 participants consisting of members, their staffers, family members and PFOA staff.


March has already seen much activity. Negotiations and exploration into alternatives have continued in terms of vendor relations.  We have signed an agreement with Opti Freight and will be sending information out to our members shortly.


I will be participating in CFA’s legislative day and board meeting and a contingent of PFOA board members and staff will be participating in the Federation of Pharmacies Network annual meeting towards the end of this month.



As I read about Cordis Corporation being acquired by Cardinal Health, I looked back at all the acquisitions, mergers and alliances our distribution partners have made. It makes me wonder how the top brass of these corporations can appropriately maintain focus on pick pack and shipping for our members. We helped put them in position to be able to accomplish some of these transactions.  We continue to be an important part of their business.  We need to exercise our right to be part of this benefit.  Better pricing, better support and services should all be on the table. 


As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve as PFOA’s Executive Director.


David Mayper