Dave's Corner

Posted July 8, 2015

David Mayper Executive Director PFOA

 These are busy and exciting times for PFOA. We have started a new ABC contract extension, AAP has added to their offerings and there are plenty more opportunities. We have annual meetings coming up at both the Cardinal RBC and ABC’s Thoughtspot.


Our ABC deal was completed and put into effect May 1. By far this is our best overall deal with ABC. We have been working with ABC to first appropriately implement the program with existing members and identifying opportunities for growth in this program. AAP introduced an additional compliance offering this month allowing some of our members the opportunity of improving their Cardinal purchase position. We are reviewing the program and will bring it to the membership where appropriate.


We were offered some private training from Medispan exposing some of our members to the program and allowing us to improve how we use this program to help our membership.


I traveled to Southern California to work with Mark Holden. This allowed me an opportunity to meet with a number of our members and business partners.


Ronda Hubbard and Nancy Tataronis attended ECRM’s pharmacy technology meeting in Tampa. They met with a lot of vendors, reviewing a number of services and technology solutions over a three day period. They will be reviewing and taking the best of what they saw to our vendor committee for review.


I attended a meeting in Atlanta for our PBM having a frank discussion with our PBM partners on areas of concern and opportunity. While in Georgia, I took the opportunity to meet with some members to along with Jamie Wilbanks. This gave us an opportunity to cover some of our programs and services as well as discuss better ways of working with those members.


I worked with Northeast Sales Consultant, Ann Benyo through three states seeing members and business partners. Ann is very well accepted by our membership in these areas. She also shows strong business development and consultative tendencies.


I finished June with member calls in South Florida.


In July, I am traveling to Boston. I am primarily there to attend a CFA board meeting but will use the trip for member visits, vendor partner opportunity meetings and interview of potential candidates for staff.


We will be attending the Cardinal Retail Business Conference and the ABC ThoughSpot later in July. PFOA business meetings and social activities are planned for both programs. Jamie WIlbanks, Nancy Coibion and Nancy Tataronis will be getting information to you.


It has been a busy year and we will need to focus on getting a lot done for it to be a successful one. In my visits and discussions with members, I have listened to concerns and areas our members tell me they could use help in. I will discuss with the board areas and ideas where we can utilize the strengths of our organization to develop what our membership is looking for. It will require growth from within in terms of development and skill sets. It will require logic and dispassionate pragmatism in terms of how we continue to shape the organization. We have capabilities within and will need to partner for other areas. I look forward to the challenge. I hope you do too.


I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your executive director.


David Mayper

Executive Director