Why was Pharmacy Franchisees and Owners Association formed?

Pharmacy Franchise Owners Association (PFOA) was formed to assist our members in bringing issues, both positive and negative, to the attention of pharmacy franchisors. Since that time, we have expanded our offerings to all independently owned pharmacies and officially changed our name to Pharmacy Franchisees & Owners Association.


Who are PFOA's vendor partners?

PFOA's vendors can be found by clicking the "Vendor" link at the top of the home page.


How many members does PFOA have?

Currently, PFOA has over 500 members.  The Association represents franchisees, former franchisees, and independently-owned pharmacies.


How can PFOA help me?

PFOA has numerous vendor contracts that can help you improve the profitability of your business.  Contact our home office, and we'll be happy to assist in showing you the value of these programs.


PFOA-MS and PFOA-MC - 2 associations have been formed to handle franchisee/franchisor issues.